Partnerships over profits, unity over ego lead to business success: Singbuild
Partnerships over profits, unity over ego lead to business success: Singbuild

Singbuild’s founders were cognisant of the fact that about 20 percent of all businesses fail in their first two years and nearly half of them go under within the first five years.

That is why its founders, Kelvin Chua, Han Jiada and Jordan Yu, decided from the onset that they needed to concentrate on specific aspects of the business to ensure its success.

“There wasn’t really anyone offering top quality services to the local market when we first launched in 2015 so we studied a number of different business models. We’re all relatively young, so of course, we looked closely  at how start-ups in Silicon Valley scaled up,” Chua, chief executive officer, told Khmer Times.

Kelvin, Jiada and Jordan looked at companies like Apple and Google for inspiration.

Steve Jobs was the “ideas guy” while Steve Wozniak was focused on the engineering. Similarly, Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin had unique skillsets that they applied as the company grew.

Page was more involved in the growth of the business while Brin had an eye on innovation and ‘moon shots’ like autonomous vehicles and augmented reality, noted Jordan.

Jordan, a Malaysian national, is the ‘Woz’ of Singbuild. He has an office on level 2 where he oversees and manages its design and engineering team.

Jordan is a man of sleight build. He wears thick-framed glasses and says that he is inspired by minimalist Scandinavian design and holds legendary industrial designer Dieter Rams of Braun in high esteem.

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